Product Safety

The balance bike is constructed and intended for the use of children aged between 3 and 6 years.

  1. This balance bike must only be assembled and disassembled by an adult.
  2. The use of the balance bike is prohibited in areas of public traffic.
  3. For safety purposes the balance bike should only be used when in perfect condition.
  4. Use outdoors
  5. For safe use of the balance bike ensure all screws, bearings and axels are checked by an adult before use and regularly thereafter. Failure to do so may result in injury.
  6. Unassembled, it contains potentially hazardous points and small parts.
  7. The balance bike should be used with caution since skill is required to avoid falls or collisions causing injury to the user or third parties.
  8. Make sure the child has learned to brake, push and steer properly before using the balance bike.
  9. Always use in the company of an adult.
  10. To prevent possible injury, the child using the balance bike must wear a helmet, gloves, and knee and elbow pads.
  11. This product is a toy. Teach your child to use it correctly and warn him/her about possible sources of danger.
  12. Remove all packaging before giving the toy to a child.
  13. Never use on a stairway
  14. Never use on the street or area where public traffic is used.
  15. Never use when being towed by another vehicle.
  16. Use the balance bike on level surfaces.

Guides of application:

The balance bike is intended to be used for the training of co-ordination and balance of children through play.

Assembly and maintenance:

The balance bike requires some assembly before being ridden and instructions on this are included in this booklet. All assembly and disassembly should be done by an adult. All screws need to be tightened with the accessory provided.

The balance bike is not intended to be used by children or adults over 30kg.

Incorrect assembly will cause potential hazards.

Attention: The screws should not be tightened with too much force as this could damage the screws or product.

To clean it, wipe it with a dry cloth moistened with a neutral soapy solution.

Do not use any harsh chemicals on the balance bike as this may impact the finish of the balance bike.

Store properly when not in use. Do not expose it to the elements. Keep it from getting wet and do not soak it in water.


Riders under 30kgs only

This toy must be assembled by an adult